We compose ourselves with KooCha

Ancestral Body Noise: Rituals of Real (ease) x OyoUniverse


Multi-disciplinary Performance artist and activist KooCha, is one of the participants of Ancestral Body Noise: Rituals of Real (see) - a six-week-long, intercultural healing incubator on biomythography and ancestral reconnection.

In a series of podcasts, we get to drive deeper into each of the participants' stories and their experience of the process. In the first episode, Dumama (@duma_ma) and Koocha go on an exploration of KooCha's previous work. Which unpacks power, positionality, subconscious internalization and processing of palatability as we carry ancestral memory & create meaningful work as a queer femme artists of color in Europe.

KooCha also takes us on a sonic research journey of sounds she grew up listening to, sounds that connect her to her grandma and sounds generated as part of the ABN workshop sessions.


Shot and edited by Etsuki Usui (@ etsuki_e3)
Sound: Dylan Hunter Chee Greene @dylangreene_hunterchee)

Ancestral Body Noise: Rituals of Real (ease) residency

As part of the Ancestral Body Noise: Rituals of Real (ease) residency, our podcast series seeks to connect with the participants as they share parts of their process leading up to the residency, as well as experiences of the residency.