Avril Stormy Unger 

Drawing by Paro using melanin ink from the roots of her hair

"Untangle is a loop based video work centered on the complex relationship I have with my hair. It is a reflection of my internalization of societal expectations and the journey of unlearning, unpacking, untangling to reach a new place of self identity. An internal process that loops with layered insights each time. Though it started with hair, this project has forced me to explore deeper questions, thoughts and ideas surrounding my sexuality.

In coming to terms with the true nature of my hair, it became an extension of me as integral as a limb and unintentionally personified rebellion in its untamedness, occupying space that was claimed and not given. It is used as a medium to convey the textured emotions attached to 'straightening' myself, that I allowed others to do to me and have done to myself. The work explores the expectation to fit in, the subsequent acceptance and the strength to embrace my truth. "- Avril Stormy Unger 

Artist:  Avril Stormy Unger
Title:  Spread
Year: 2021
Material / technology / format: Video 
Length: 31: 53 min

“Untangle is a loop-based video work that revolves around my complex relationship with my hair. Untangle is a reflection of my internalization of social expectations and deals with the stages of unlearning, unpacking and unraveling on my journey to a new self-identity. It's about an inner process that continues with new insights every time. Although it started with the hair, this project got me to explore deeper questions, thoughts, and ideas around my sexuality.

By dealing with the true nature of my hair, it became an extension of me, a further limb, so to speak, and in its untamed nature unwantedly embodied my rebellion: it simply claimed their space without me offering it to them of my own accord would have. The hair thus acts as a medium that conveys the structured emotions associated with "straightening" myself - the "straightening" that I allowed others to do to me and that I did to myself. The work explores my expectation to adapt, my subsequent acceptance of it, and the strength to accept my own truth. ”- Avril Stormy Unger


Avril Stormy Unger - curator and artist, India
Sonal Giani - producer, India
Prashansa Gurung - cinematographer, India
Nabi A. - editor, New York
Strike - sound, India

As part of Oyoun's first curatorial focus - curators, artists and cultural workers - EMBODIED TEMPORALITIES - dealt with identities, belonging and embodied memories from diasporic, decolonial and queer perspectives. A research, archiving, exhibition and performance project that involves over 70 people. The results, encounters and questions that arose from the projects will be discussed during the EMBODIED ARTS FESTIVAL presented and celebrated.