The Path

Migration waves, gentrification and rapid urban transformation - can the metropolis stop us?

What if the paths we walk every day start from nowhere and lead to nowhere? Is what we experience a coexistence or a differentness with potential? What are the results, alternatives, solutions and what role can art play in this process?

The interdisciplinary art project THE PATH addressed these questions. The project, which problematizes the relationship between the metropolis and the individual from queer and feminist perspectives, offered the participants an extensive supporting program that included a public art installation on Tempelhofer Feld, an exhibition in Oyoun and a series of events at and between the two locations.

The project "The Path" aims at a platform of solidarity, exchange and urban artistic rethinking. From September 29th to October 15th, a corresponding public experience space was created that actively included various communities from the neighborhood. 

"The Path" is an autobiographical reflection of the artist's experiences Umut Azad Akkel made in the years in Istanbul. The existential struggle he experienced led him to the metaphor of 'The Path', which 'starts from nowhere and leads to nowhere'. With the project, Akkel conceptualized his critical examination of the city by looking from Berlin to Istanbul. The two cities are closely linked throughout history through three major migration movements. The latter, the so-called New Wave, includes many young people, especially queer people, who came to Berlin from Istanbul because of the political situation in Turkey.

Video: © Beril Ece Güler

By and with Merey Şenocak, Steve Schofield, Xueqing Yu, Aina Plans, Elisa Kostka, Johanna Schmalöer, Xueqing Yu, Mizgina Rengin, Ina Weber, Patrizia Bach, Cammack Lindsey, Yaşar Adanalı, Aslı Duru, Yelta Köm, Banu Çiçek Tülü, Persefoni Myrtsou, Ingo Arend, Banu Karaca, Verena Niepel, Mobilegirl, Ebow, NAS TEA

The THE PATH project was developed by Oyoun in collaboration with Umut Azad Akkel as artist, artistic director and co-curator, Şehnaz Layıkel as Senior Curator and Pegah Keshmirshekan and Ilgaz Yalçınoğlu produced as event coordinator. It was financed by the Lotto Foundation and UdK KKWV.