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About Us

About Us

About Us


Humanity needs them.

Oyoun conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer * feminist and migrant perspectives.

Oyoun creates space for critical discussion, reflected experimentation and solidarity. Thanks to its diverse cultural offerings, Oyoun is a hub for culture and knowledge production. The non-profit cultural center sees itself as a platform for visual artists, performances, theater, literature, dance, music, and much more.

In early 2020, the non-profit Kultur NeuDenken gUG took over the 3500m² cultural institution at (soon-to-be-renamed) Wissmannstraße 32, Berlin Neukölln.

Oyoun carries out socio-cultural and artistic projects that highlight neurodiverse and class-critical perspectives throughout Berlin and internationally, with the aim of creating an intersectional platform for excellent diasporic, migrant and international art and culture, a place for an artistic dialogue about locally, nationally and internationally relevant topics.

For Oyoun, intersectionality is a crucial guiding principle and a lived practice that can be found in the artistic and socio-cultural program. In this program different realities of life and their artistic and cultural forms of expression are made visible.


queer * feminist

Although this term explicitly includes queer people, it goes beyond minorities in the area of ​​gender identity and sexual orientation. Feminism, which focuses on equality between men and women, excludes non-binary genders and ignores the serious problems of patriarchy, which include racism, classicism and a culture of violence.


This term forms a framework that takes into account the systemic character in which oppression policies influence the lives of formerly colonized people. He calls for an investigation into the oppressive narratives rooted in colonial practices and focuses on the voices and stories of these oppressed peoples in this review.


A migrant perspective recognizes and celebrates the skills, capacities and self-confidence of members of migrant communities, including asylum seekers and refugees. We are working to raise the voices of migrants and to ensure their representation in artistic, cultural and public life.


Oyoun family

The work of the Oyoun is carried out by a culturally enthusiastic, cross-generational and constantly developing team.


Become part of the team

There are currently no vacancies. If you are interested, send your speculative application to jobs@oyoun.de.

Curators * Lab

Curators * Lab

Oyouns Curators * Lab serves as a collaborative space with the goal of redefining curating while developing the entire vocabulary and artistic capital.

The lab serves emerging artists as a flexible platform and opportunity to curate and create, to fully deal with artistic practices and to critically observe, question and enjoy the process.

We are particularly interested in producing the unconventional, provocative, polarizing, urgent and looking at social issues, while always promoting dialogue.

Oyoun promotes the visibility of intersectional and class-critical (art) works and calls for radical solidarity.

Oyoun is more than a physical space. It is a castle in the hands of the community.