Lockdown residency  


Asmaa Sbou's artistic work as part of our Lockdown Residency is a scientific and self-training act of self-care - strengthening the mind and practicing letting go.

“For me, self-care means confronting yourself with silence, meditating and letting your thoughts wander by. How is my body How am I doing NOW? How do I feel in this moment? But what happens if you go one step further and try to understand neuroscience with all of its research and connect that to your own well-being? My starting point is that emotions leave their mark on the brain. The interesting thing I keep finding in coaching is that there are just as many traces of stress that need to be resolved. Because our brain has a pronounced prefrontal cortex in the front forehead area. This area is responsible for our mental abilities and gives us the ability to think, plan and decide. Our emotions are also regulated there. Another crucial region involved in emotion regulation is the limbic system. It is located in the middle of the brain and is made up of various subunits, such as the amygdala and the hippocampus. With a few questions in my video I can strengthen these areas in my brain and with a long training I have a balance, strength and focus in my being as a person. For me, self-care is exactly that, to strengthen myself mentally, to develop myself spiritually and to be physically present. But the nice thing about being is always letting go, not clinging to anything. So everything can and may start all over again, unlike before. - Asmaa Sbou

Artist: Asmaa Sbou
Title:  Trace your emotions. 
Year: 2020
Material / technology / format: Video
Length: 1: 34 min


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