The artistic work of WAF as part of our Lockdown Residency represents an unadulterated and honest act of self-care - getting rid of hair.

“The act of shaving my hair off was something I have longed for. Because my hair as a woman, as a Tunisian, as a person of color who lived abroad, also as a young girl who suffered a lot from all these patriarchal indoctrinations about the beauty of women and the erotic side of the hair and the body and things like that. I got to a point in my life where I really wanted to renew myself and I thought that shaving my hair would be a great way to do that. ” - WAF


Artist: WAF
Title: SHAVA
Year: 2020
Format: Video
Length: 6: 15 min



Instagram: @_w__a__f_
Facebook: WAF
Vimeo: WAF