Se het case

Nane Kahle + Asmaa Sbou

Se Het Fall is a spoken word and dance performance that reflects the way in which the continuing history of post-colonial trauma returns to the new perspective of the black and brown body that rules the society in which we live. Imagine if your culture, language and customs were slowly and quickly erased because your country's financial status had no impact on the global economy. Who you are as an individual is embroiled in disregard for rich countries and their motivations. 

The performance “Se Het Fall” tries to convey this message with alternating twists and turns of the true history of Africa with all its kings, kings, heroes and heroines. It makes us wonder what a world looks like when governed by the narrow perspective of a population, here dodos. 

On the trail of the wisdom of our African ancestors, we would like to show a society / world in which humanity is the priority for healthy coexistence.