Revolution through the body | Lorena Valdenegro 

A biographical theater workshop for women FLTI* with a migration background, led by Lorena. The participants embarked on a journey together to explore the themes of “Body, Migration and Revolution”. 

What's your greatest feature?

What is the body saying?

Is the body autonomous?

Do we enslave our bodies?

Revolution through the body

How many things do we do out of real desire and motivation, and how many do we do because of cultural, social and emotional pressure?

What are the chains I see around my own body?

How can we let go of the body?

What does it mean to be free?

Meu corpo minha revolução



My body, my revolution

Winner of #OccupyOyoun - An open call for concept ideas during the first lockdown to create and implement new formats that make it possible to support artists and make art and culture (beyond the live stream) accessible - even in the independence of physical spaces.