New Media Society

The "New Media Society (NMS)", founded in 2014 in Tehran/Iran, is a project space, archive and library for new media art. NMS acts as a hub and facilitator for several emerging project spaces across the country, promoting and archiving projects related to New Media Art, but also organizing lectures and workshops, publications and events such as presentations, symposiums and exhibitions.

Publishing, knowledge production, archiving and public relations are the main tasks of the New Media Society as a platform for researching and promoting new media art in Iran. The approach of NMS is to be as inclusive as possible in order to maximize reach and to involve and initiate collaboration with existing infrastructures and resources within the country and the network of artists and professionals in the diaspora.

NMS is an open source archive for new media as well as a study room / meeting place for artists, researchers and scholars and aims to bridge the gap between new media artists and their audience. NMS promotes interdisciplinarity and creates a context for practices that take place at the intersection of art, science and technology, geared towards video art, sound art and new media. The association wants to act as a hub and mediator for various up-and-coming project spaces across the country and in the international scene by archiving and promoting projects related to the new media arts, as well as lectures and workshops, publications and events such as presentations, screenings, symposiums and exhibitions organized. New Media Society is part of the a'21: techno utopia x post-digital ignorance festival. More on this here.