Madhumita Nandi

is an Indian visual artist, researcher, and curator based in Berlin, with primary research focus in the field of archival practices and the relation of visual images to ethno-history, and with a special focus in preserving and curating intangible art.  

Through a process-oriented approach, Madhumita has been exploring the intersections of memory culture, archival practices, and ecology. With the help of photographs, videos, sounds, and performances, Madhumita traverses between spaces to create immersive experiences and encourage dialogue and collaboration across diverse communities.

The stories that Madhumita tells as a photographer and curator are a constant amalgamation of her conscious & subconscious being. This is how she is able to invent & convert those thoughts into artistic productions. Madhumita does this by focusing on decentralizing knowledge, histories and thought.

The trajectory as a photographer specializing in documentary and lifestyle photography has provided Madhumita with a deeper understanding of people and their stories. As a visual anthropologist influenced by archival practices, Madhumita has been exploring the politics of gaze and power dynamics that exist within the act of looking. Through ongoing research and creative practice, Madhumita engages in developing new approaches to archiving that challenge dominant oppressive structures and center the voices and experiences of silenced communities.

Madhumita is the artistic director of Listening to the Land and artistic co-director of Oyoun.