Umurbey Neighborhood, formerly known as Darağaç, is located between Alsancak Stadium and Halkapınar and was formerly known as the industrial area in Izmir. Today, in addition to residential buildings, there are mainly workshops and studios for artists and artisans. Darağaç is also the name of a series of exhibitions that were created in an atmosphere of intensive dialogue and exchange between artists, artisans and residents of the district. The main goal of Darağaç is to transform the neighborhood into a space in which young artists * can show their work and create a common discourse with the residents. Due to the lack of venues in Izmir, Darağaç acts as a meeting place between young artists and the general public. Darağaç does not impose any thematic or material restrictions on the artists involved in the exhibitions and other events. Rather, the platform encourages artists to try out new methods in public spaces. Interdisciplinary works are exhibited or housed there, in areas such as painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance. At the same time, Darağac is trying to transform itself into a kind of experimental city institute. Darağac is part of the a'21: techno utopia x post-digital ignorance festival. You can find more information about this here.