Dar al Hokoomeh (DAH)

A year after graduating from the Shiraz Art Institute, Mohsen Hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh founded Dar-al-Hokoomeh, a new media art project in Shiraz, Iran with the vision of creating a space for emerging artistic practices. Dar-al-Hokoomeh has hosted exhibitions, demonstrations, talks, lectures and workshops and has been active at the intersection of culture, arts and technology in Iran and internationally since its inception.

Dar-al-Hokoomeh produces new media events that represent a chronological step in the continuation of an Iranian tradition of exploring media from film to video and sound art. Not only by exploring the possibilities of new media itself, but also by combining it with the underlying depth, richness and humorous wit that the Shirazis are famous for. Although Dar-al-Hokoomeh is global in scope and operates on an international scale, it is nonetheless firmly rooted in Shiraz and is inspired by the city's rich literary and artistic history.

With the DAH project, Mohsen and Milad have succeeded in creating a thriving and vibrant new media arts scene in Shiraz that rivals Tehran and other new media centers around the world. Dar-al-Hokoomeh is part of the a'21: techno utopia x post-digital ignorance festival. More on this here.