The "Baab Collective" from Khartoum/Sudan has set itself the goal of stimulating positive change in society, hence the name "Baab" - Arabic for "door". Baab tries to open the door for cooperation and encourage joint action between diverse actors. The collective addresses citizenship, family and social awareness in the areas of health, education, employment, youth, gender and sexuality. In collaboration with women's groups, youth, teachers, professionals and innovators, Baab coordinates, develops, implements and monitors projects on learning and awareness-raising techniques. It's about new forms of knowledge, sound advice and, above all, about working on the development of a self-determined future, taking into account previous failures. Baab's aim is to examine the current problems in Sudanese society and to seek solutions to them, thereby ultimately achieving social justice. 

“Baab” is part of the a'21: techno utopia x post-digital ignorance festival. More on this here.