For our theater project Check! we are looking for interested people aged 10-15 years

Check! stands for gathering, community and empowerment. The theater project is a platform for children and young people aged 10-15 years to bring their story to the stage.

We exchange ideas on topics such as gender, feminism and queerness. We improvise, learn different breathing and speech techniques and experiment with different roles. We visit Berlin theaters, artistic workshops and discuss selected pieces. We rehearse weekly in the Oyoun and go on a four-day summer trip. We will present our piece on the big stage in autumn.

Are you interested yourself or do you know children and young people who want to go to the theater? Then write us an email

Check! stands for gathering, community and empowerment - Oyoun

Check! is a cooperation project of ACADEMY stage arts school, ARTivisten eV, AQUI theater, Popelbühne eV and Oyoun.

The project is funded by the Paritätisches Bildungswerk Bundesverband within the framework of the federal funding program Culture Makes Strong with the initiative JEP-young, committed and talented.