In this OyoUniverse podcast episode, we talk to VJ WAF about their involvement with Oyoun's Curator * s Lab, the lockdown residency, self care, mental health, and life in Tunisia. (Trigger warning: suicide)


Wafa Benromdan aka WAF is a multidisciplinary visual artist who uses videos and photos to embody their thoughts and emotions on the impactful questions of life. WAF is driven by a desire to heal the idleness of sentient beings. They generate heterotopias of availability to oneself. They opens themselves up to a creative future that puts scenography at the center of their artistic research. Their visual art works are known to be of magical substance, inviting the audience to open doors to impossible arenas, to fragments of dreams we have forgotten that we had.

Check out SHAVA - WAF's piece created as part of Oyoun's Lockdown Residency.

Host: Louna bent Abdelmoula Sbou
Guest (s): Wafa Benromdan aka WAF
Post production: Nadia Hamdan, Khadija Alamin
Music: Nathan Bernier
Produced by: Oyoun