Médine Tidou – Fallen Figures | exhibition

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

The Fallen Figures exhibition, which premiered in 2020, examines the idea of ​​a possible memorial to Europe's colonial past from the perspective of the colonized countries. Colonial memorials are noticeable everywhere in Ivory Coast, with statues of former colonists at intersections and magnificent buildings on the beach. In Germany, too, colonial history can be found in street names, statues [...]

AUTOPOIESIS: Recognizing Kin Across Antipodal Topologies | Exhibition (Tuesday to Saturday)

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Andrew Ananda Voogel in Khirkee Voice / Christopher Udemezue / Dhrubo Jyoti / Elyla / Jesús Hilario-Reyes / Prabhakar Pachpute / Rajyashri Goody / Subas Tamang Curated by Shaunak Mahbubani with curatorial advice from Vidisha-Fadescha, Eli Moon and Madhumita Nandi Opening: 03 August 2022 , 19:00 - 22:00 Exhibition: 04 - 30 August, Tuesday - Saturday, [...]

Book premiere: Confidentialities – Max Lobe. Discussion and reading (German/English/French)

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

A warm invitation to talks, readings, drinks & music in the Oyoun garden! In "Confidentialities" Max Lobe returns to his native Cameroon and travels to the Bassa forest to learn from the old Mâ Maliga what she knows about the independence movement in Cameroon and its leader Ruben Um Nyobè. "Confidentialities" is the narration this talkative and [...]

Firefly Women

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

The performance "Firefly Women" unfolds feminist dreams and weaves utopias of solidarity in times of oppression. Between documentary and fiction, the play follows the letters of two women who were wrongfully jailed during the Citizenship Bill protests that swept across India in 2019. Through FIREFLY WOMEN there are revolutions on the streets, mass protests and [...]

buy tickets € 5,00 - € 15,00 70 cards available

Angel Haze - Girl with the Fun Tour

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Already with her first mixtapes and EPs, she was able to get extremely good responses, so that soon a bidding war between the big labels started, which Universal won. From then on, she devoted herself exclusively to music and within a very short time developed her own, stable unique selling point, which quickly found great approval in the male-dominated rap scene. [...]

Book premiere – Mohamed Amjahid: Let's Talk About Sex, Habibi

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Our view of love and desire in North Africa is heavily influenced by clichés, orientalism and fetishization. But what freedoms are there in supposedly closed societies? Where are the boundaries and who defines them? Mohamed Amjahid shows how the everyday sexuality of North Africans really is and does away with racist stereotypes. He talks about orgies [...]

buy tickets € 8,00 - € 10,00 213 cards available