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Pop-Up Exhibition · Al-Bab I The Gate

******************* Al-Bab - The Gate ************************* *

Ammar Obeid, Syrian filmmaker (not a draftsman), lives in Berlin. Some time ago he finished the script for a new film called Al-Bab (“Das Tor”), but has not yet found funding for the film project. While trying to make a virtue out of necessity, the idea arose to initially realize the project as a graphic novel. And that's where the draftsman Noor Yasin came into play, who immediately developed ideas on how this story could be put into practice.

Al-Bab is a romantic science fiction story. The eponymous gate is a kind of wormhole that connects the rooms of a Japanese geisha in Kyoto in 1720 with the room of an Egyptian prostitute in Cairo exactly 300 years later. The exhibition now presents the first examples of Ammar and Noor's joint work: images that will be used to create the graphic novel in the foreseeable future.

Ammar Obeid_ Narrator, screenplay, director, filmmaker from Syria, graduated from Damascus University with a degree in Japanese Studies in 2015. Since then he has been working on the connections between Arab and Japanese culture, including in his project on an Arab-Japanese love affair together with the cultural center, Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken. Ammar has also made five short films, several video projects and a long documentary in Syria and Berlin since 2013, where he filmed the effects of war and the escape from his personal experiences.

Noor Yasin_ draftsman, studies visual communication at the Weißensee Academy of Art, Berlin. Artistic work, especially drawing, is his passion. When Noor came to Germany, he was still involved in some comic book projects, in one of which he drew the journey of refugees to Germany.

Naomi Shamir_ Text editor for English. Art split into text and movement, she is a dramaturge and exotic performer who works in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

She expresses the ideas through the body and words to mesmerize her audience.

Dani Dwair (IG: @ dani.dwair) _ Musician and sound engineer, studies sound engineering at the technical department at the Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus.

He designs voice and captures the dramatic purposes of his projects through musical puzzles and arrangements.

Through his projects, Dani tries to communicate more deeply with the audience.


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