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Theater performance | NOMAD

November 26, 2022 20:30 AM - 22:30

"One evening when I was a little girl, I was sitting on the beach with my father. The sea was as dark as the sky. Suddenly a drop of light appeared on the horizon. It didn't come from boats and didn't move. Right across from to us was another country, like a fairyland with lights shining in the middle of the sea. Immediately I asked my father where the lights came from.''It's another country. It's Greece, my little girl,'' my father replied. Me was shocked! Until then I thought the sea was the end and there was no other land... I told him with excitement: "I want to go there dad, it's so close!!! His answer was bitter: "You can't go there whenever you want, Ayşe". 

NOMAD is a physical theater performance based on the life of Ayşe, an immigrant in Europe. Through movement, comedy and tragedy, we explore the experience through the eyes of three characters: Ayşe - the heroine and the two institutional monsters: Eric (policeman and immigration officer) and the paper creature (an absurd embodiment of bureaucracy). 

NOMAD is a show about an immigrant in Europe and her quest for legal status. 

Language: physical theater, non-verbal

Tickets: 12.- € (box office) / 10.- € presale (until 25.11.) / 8.- € (reduced)

-> Presale see below



By and with: Gozde Atalay (Instagram, Facebook, Website )
director: Carolina Ortega (Instagram, Facebook, Website )
Produced by: Tucan Riot (Instagram, Facebook, Website )

Photos: Eirini Vanikioti

Music: Periclis Liakakis

Produced by: Tucan Riot & Mimosa Theater Co.

Light: Elliot


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November 26, 2022
20 - 30 p.m. CET
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Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32
Berlin, 12049 Germany
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