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Exhibition opening | Land, Safety and Grief

December 8, 2023 18:00 - 22:00

Losing land, searching for safety and seeking space to grief.

The loss of land leads to an ongoing grieving process. The need of the people affected for a place where they can grieve appropriately and find security is huge.
However, the search for familiarity through people, experiences and language creates a vicious circle of incomplete grief and unanswered questions.
Having been robbed of their land, people stay where at least the history of the land can continue and a vision can be preserved as a final link to what is left of the being.

This concept raises the question of home and belonging, one that is inseparable from freedom, justice and power.

As this exhibition is part of the conference "Artificial intelligence and journalism in the Global South", artists are invited to create artworks through multimedia contributions that incorporate AI tools in some way into their creative process or reflect on them (by using them, criticising them, etc.).
As it is an unavoidably predominant tool in forming our perception of reality.

After the opening, the exhibition can be visited from 09.12 December to 15.12.2023 December 10, daily from 00:18 to 00:XNUMX.


Language: English + Arabic



MENA Art Gallery

MENA is an online gallery, that exists to bring the Middle East and North Africa’s most vibrant and unique art to the wider world. MENA was founded by artists for artists. They promote and support artists, independent cultural producers and journalists from across the region. In Arabic, MENA means ‘harbor’ a place where travelers trade and exchange culture. MENA gallery is an online space where people from diverse backgrounds can interact with the most vibrant and challenging new waves from the Middle Eastern art scene.



UntoldStories is a non-profit media organization based in Berlin and run by a collective of Middle Eastern and European journalists, artists, researchers, and writers.

Through their editorial and artistic projects, UntoldMag, SyriaUntold and Mena Art Gallery, they work to promote a sustainable and innovative model of journalistic production that can facilitate dialogue and awareness of some of the most important challenges such as growing inequalities, climate change and human rights violations .




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December 8, 2023
18:00 - 22:00
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Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32
Berlin, 12049 Germany
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