Embodied temporalities  

(De)coding trajectories 

The body was always a center of ongoing investigation

(De)Coding Trajectories will be a performance research process taking place in Prague. Artists Ahmad BaBa and Gugulethu Duma invite practitioners concerned with decoding and recoding embodied memory to enter into an exchange where the body is a center of ongoing investigation.For this residency, the artists are looking to collaborate with practitioners concerned with Subaltern states of being and the development of liberatory practice in community. 

(De)coding Trajectories takes place as part of the Embodied Temporalities project by Oyoun Berlin in partnership with Dafa Puppet Theater. 

Within the framework of Embodied Temporalities - Tracing the memories our bodies hold, cultural practitioners explore identities, belonging and embodied memories from diasporic, decolonial and queer perspectives. What memories are stored in our bodies? What can our bodies tell us about ourselves, our past and our future? A research, archiving, exhibition and performance project under the artistic direction of Madhumita Nandi with artists Ahmad BaBa and Gugulethu Duma. 

The exhibition

We invite you to join the exhibition after the residency!


When? 22.04.2022
times? 19:00 - 21:00
Where? Studio Alta (Prague)