The house

The house

The house


The site

The imposing clinker brick building with the corner tower visible from afar has an eventful past. The construction of the "Bergbrauerei Hasenheide" begins in 1865 by the merchant and manufacturer Karl Gustav Eduard Kelch. After a two-year construction phase, it was inaugurated in 1867 and put into operation. The brewery works very successfully and also operates the large “New World” entertainment area, which is gaining popularity far beyond Berlin. After the Second World War, the serious damage was eliminated and the brewery started again. The "Löwenbrauerei - Böhmisches Brauhaus AG" is taken over by the Schultheiss brewery in 1955 and finally closed in 1975 due to lack of profitability. A little later, large parts of the brewery complex were demolished, and the administration building, the gatehouse and the master brewer's villa were preserved.

Various alternative use concepts are being developed and discussed as decay continues. After lengthy negotiations, the restoration and renovation work in the former administration building can begin in early 1990 and will continue until 1993. In October 1993 the “Meeting Place for Germans and Foreigners” was renamed “Workshop of Cultures” and opened under the sponsorship of the Wissmannstraße eV brewery association.

In 2019, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe announced a new sponsorship and was awarded to Kultur NeuDenken gUG on January 1, 2020. The house is now called Oyoun and serves as an epicenter for decolonial, queer feminist, migrant and diasporic perspectives.

The rooms

The foyer

LOCATION: 1st floor, elevator available

SIZE: 100 sqm

USE: Ideal for catering and meet & greet

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Seminar rooms

LOCATION: floor, elevator available

The rooms are next to each other and are connected by doors.

USE: Ideal for meetings, intimate workshops, poetry, film evenings and much more.

Seminar room # 2

SIZE: 36 sqm

CAPACITY: 25 max. Seating & number of people

Seminar room # 2

SIZE: 36 sqm

CAPACITY: 25 max. Seating & number of people

Seminar room # 3

SIZE: 38 sqm

CAPACITY: 30 max. Seating & number of people

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Equipment for seminars, conferences and meetings

60 x tables 160 x 70cm / 120 x 70cm + seating 28 x bistro tables 50cm diameter

Flipcharts with and without wheels

6 x pin boards free-standing 1,50 x 1,20 m (white)

8 x free-standing partitions 2 x 1,20 m (black)

50 x partition walls system screwable (white)

Beamer Epson EMP 252 + sound (boxes)

Hall 2. Floor

LOCATION: 2st floor, elevator available

SIZE: 400 square meters of event space

CAPACITY: max. Seating 300 people; Tiered grandstand for max. 90 seats; Variable furnishings and seating

Stage depth: 5 - 10m adjustable

Stage width: 9m

Hall floor: parquet

Stage floor: Bütec pedestals

Other platforms available: height 20 cm (one step) or 40 cm (two steps)

Backstage behind the stage

Two cloakrooms on the 3rd floor

USE: Versatile hall, ideal for conferences, theatrical performances, concerts, dance performances, film evenings and much more.

Technical Equipment


9,00 m width

7,00 m depth (deep) can be extended up to 09,00 m (expandable up to 09,00 m)

0,40 m high


01 x Yamaha M7CL 48 Console (mixer)

32 x input channels

06 x monitor outputs

Soundgrid System Impact Server (Waves)

up to Recording Channels

01 x BSS FCS966 2 x 30 Band for Sum

02 x Yamaha HS5 near field monitors

04 x Sennheiser EM 300 G3 receiver

01 x Zoom H4N Pro Recorder


HK Audio Elias twin system 3200 watts

04 x Subs EPX115 SUB A @ 1m 126 dB @ 10% THD

04 x Tops EPX112 A @ 1m 128 dB @ 10% THD


04 x monitors HK Audio DART 350 watts

02 x Monitors Dynacord AM12 350 watts


02 x Sennheiser Hand Mics EW300

02 x Sennheiser Mics EW300 headset


06 x Audio Technica AT8570 Gooseneck Microphones (gooseneck)

01 x podium table ready for 2 mic ports (lectern + micros)

04 x table microphone stands


01 x Sanyo PLC-ZM 5000 projector

01 x screen (screen) 4,50 mx 3,00 m HDMI or VGA stage or FOH (stage or direction)


01 x Strand Lighting Commander + Classic Palette Controls (mixer)

54 x 2,5 KW dimmer

20 x Profiler ADB DS105 (Profile spotlight)

16 x Focus Spots ADB C101 (Fresnel)

01 x ADB DN204 followers

14 x Par 64 1000W Wash / Spot headlights

08 x Par 64 500W floor spots

06 x Led Eurolite Par 56

3 x Manfrotto U87NW Windup (crank tripod)

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The neighborhood

The former workers' district has changed significantly over the past few decades - like the whole of Berlin - the population has become more colorful, diverse and diverse. It is not uncommon for the area around Hermannplatz in Neukölln to be called the trendy neighborhood of “Kreuzkölln”. This also brings new challenges for the residents. Living space is coveted, scarce and expensive, cafés and pubs bring life to the district, but the joy of partying and the need for rest cannot always be reconciled. New ways of working together and tolerance are tried and found.