Biographies of Love: Biographies, Life with Two Homes, and the Co-Existing “Self”.

A conversation with Lorena Valdenegro

Lorena Valdenegro welcomed this episode of Oyouniverse as a guest. The conversation starts with greetings from Lorena from Chile to Berlin. She talks about the overlap of her personal and professional biographies and also about how her work is shaped by the intimate experiences of herself and the migrant fellow women. Lorena Valdenegro's art is, says the artist, always political. The work embodies the endless circles of the interconnected individuals.

Lorena Valdenegro is a dancer, actress and theater educator who connects Chile and Berlin. She works with theater as a medium as well as an instrument to mobilize social and collective consciousness. She is critically involved with the subjects of "women", "migration" and "identity". 

Check out the new video work by Lorena “Zirkel”, which was produced as part of the Oyouns Lockdown Residency: LINK (tbc)

You can reach Lorena here:

IG: @aquitheaterberlin
FB: @theaterinberlin

Moderator: Dami Choi
Guest: Lorena Valdenegro 
Post production: Nadia Hamdan, Khadija Alamin
Music: Nathan Bernier

Produced by: Oyoun,