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Oyoun offers a large number of organizers a space to realize their own events and different formats. 

As a venue, we are constantly working to make our events more accessible and to communicate accessibility issues in a timely manner and as transparently as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us here:

E-mail: access(at)    Telephone: +49 30 6805 0426 (production team)


On our website you will find all relevant information about purchasing tickets for our various events. Feel free to look in ours Program over to learn more.

We offer discounted tickets for people with disabilities, while accompanying persons get free entry.

If you would like to reserve a wheelchair space, beanbag or other seating option, please contact our production team (contact above).

If you are not able to finance the ticket purchase for various reasons, you can contact our team with confidence. We have a limited contingent of free tickets available, which we are happy to provide.


When using public transport:
The nearest subway station is U Hermannplatz (U7/U8). It is 500m from Oyoun and has several escalators (entrance Hermannplatz). Due to the ongoing renovation work in the station hall, the elevators are currently not usable. People who need barrier-free access to the U7 and U8 can request a Muva minibus to take them to the nearest train station with a working elevator. About the BVG app or by phone (tel. 25 65 55 55), directions to the arrival point of the means of transport are offered after booking. A valid ticket is required for this service.

If you're traveling by public transport, you can find all the information about accessibility on the VBB website. (Link:


There is a car park with XNUMX parking spaces directly in front of the main entrance of the house. On request via e-mail (access(at)oyoun.deor telephone (+49 30 6805), a space can be reserved or, if necessary, cleared.



There is a ramp with a gradient of 5,44% that leads from the garden to the café on the ground floor. The ramp can be reached via the entrance through the garden gate at the back of the Oyoun (from Lucy-Lameck-Straße). The distance from the gate to the entrance is approximately 12,0 meters. To access the ramp, you have to cross an unevenness approx. 2cm high. To get to the elevator, you have to cross the cafeteria's dining area. The path to the elevator leads from the café room past the bar on the right. The distance from the entrance gate to the elevator is 35 meters. The hall (2nd floor), the workshop rooms (1st floor) and the club (basement) are accessible via the elevator. The elevator measures 1,07m wide, 2,09m long and 2,09m high and can be used without the accompaniment of the house staff. Access to the named rooms is at ground level.


The hall (2nd floor), the workshop rooms (1st floor) and the club (basement) are accessible via the elevator. The elevator (with dimensions of 1,07m wide, 2,09m long and 2,09m high) is located 6,30 meters from the nearest parking facility. The path from the parking lot to the elevator leads over uneven cobblestones.

To use the elevator from the courtyard, we ask you to ring the bell at the main entrance or contact the house staff on 030-68050013. Our house staff will then open the elevator door for you from the inside. In the building, the elevator can be used without the accompaniment of the house staff.


The elevator measures 1,07m wide, 2,09m long and 2,09m high and can be operated without the house staff.


The entrance door and the door to the staircase or elevator on the right wing of the house are equipped with an electronic opener. Opening the doors in the left wing to the staircase, as well as to the club and relaxation room, requires a greater effort.


In the basement, at the entrance to the club, which faces the garden side, there is a tactile floor plan. A tactile guidance system for the house is being planned and will be installed in the coming months. 


There is an accessible toilet on the first floor. The dimensions of the toilet are 2,10 x 2,10 m. It is accessible above the lift (see the description from the entrance/club to the lift above). The toilet entrance is 108 cm wide and t 5,10 meters straight ahead from the lift.


For people who want a specific seat or a more relaxed entry, we offer the option of early boarding (earlier entry). Please speak to our Event Care staff directly in the evening or contact our production team in advance.

There is also the option to organize beanbags or other seating at short notice in the evening.


In the right stairwell on the 1st and 2nd floor there are quiet corners. A more detailed description of this shortly.


Most of our events are planned and organized by external organizers. As an event location, Oyoun is only added late in the concrete planning for implementation.

We are working to provide detailed information on accessibility for each event in good time. If you cannot find the information you need online, please contact our team directly. (Contact below) We try to respond to inquiries as individually as possible and try to communicate and implement them with the external organizers. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility at certain events.


For more information you can reach our production team as follows:

E-mail: access(at)  Mobilephone: + 49 30 6805 0426