The artistic work of Peimaneh Yaghoobifarah as part of our Lockdown Residency represents a contemplative and homely act of self-care - the recipe of her favorite dish, Iranian rice with tahdig.

“Self-care is cooking rice with tahdig. That's what I cook the most, especially when I have to focus more on what I'm eating and take care of myself. It's a staple food, but it's something I grew up with and ate almost every day in my life and I would never want to be without it. " - Peimaneh Yaghoobifarah


Artist: Peimaneh Yaghoobifarah
Title: A recipe to share - دو پیمونه برنج Do peymooneh berenj
Year: 2020
Material / technology / format: Mixed Media
Dimensions: variable



Instagram: @poshtoru