Oyoun is happy to support Cult‘Sup‘s 6th Edition – a virtual Journey throughout December. Every week, 1 of 4 parts is being introduced. This week we present part three: ‘Open Wound’ with Nane Kahle and the Cult’ Sup’ Ensemble.

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Nane Kahle and the Cult’Sup’ Ensemble

Nane Kahle (IG: @nanekahlesound) from Ivorian and French heritage, gets inspiration from Africa to the world. World citizen, she creates a cross over in her music, earthling music we could say. Music that Nane Kahle uses to bring a message of love, peace, understanding, union, gratefulness and respect. She carries us with her warm voice like a mother nurturing a child and walks like an Amazon into this kaleidoscope of love, peace, light and strength.

As always she will be accompanied by the one and only Cult’ Sup’ Ensemble starring the amazing Berlin based musicians : Daire (IG: @dairemacmaghnuisdbass), Ade (IG: @ad3_akins), Venant (IG: @lionntiomo), Yannick Meantele and Tunde (IG: @alibabaprodofficiel).

It’s about to be magical. 


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IG: @nanekahlesound
FB: Nane Kahle  
Youtube: Nane Kahle

Cult’ Sup’ (Culture Supply)

…is an exploration of African culture, afro descendants, afro futurism culture and of course the world. The concept is to share afro rooted art, music, painting, photography, dance, poetry, any kind of exhibition, storytelling, fashion, knowledge and every kind of artistic performance. We aim to connect different communities together and always remind that we are one and all coming from the same place. Get together through the medium of art and knowledge.

SUPPORT THE ARTISTS via Paypal: culturesupplyberlin@gmail.com